Amazon will start drone deliveries later this year

We really are living in an amazing time. Amazon has confirmed that it will begin drone delivery later this year. It'll be called Prime Air, and Amazon will make drone deliveries available to several cities, covering nearly 100 million people in the US!

The fully electric drones use computer vision and machine learning to avoid people and other obstacles when landing. For now, the drones can supposedly fly up to 15 miles, deliver in 30 minutes and carry stuff that weighs up to five pounds.

The video below shows the drone in only questions are regarding customer interaction. Does the drone just drop the package on your front step? Does a human need to remove the package from the drone? Is there a way to confirm delivery? I'm sure they've worked all this out, I'm just curious.

Are you excited about this, or does it kinda freak you out?

[The Star]

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