You can buy a piece of the Apollo 11!

Full disclosure: I'm a dork. I have always been fascinated by the fact that humans--in 1969!--landed and walked on the surface of the moon. The idea that they did this with pencil-and-paper calculations and a freaking slide rule is MINDBLOWING to me. I remember going to the NASA facility in Cape Canaveral as a kid and just being totally awestruck. I've been back as an adult, and it's still just as incredible. Fun fact: the weekend that my husband and I got engaged, we'd gone to Kennedy Space Center to see the final launch of the shuttle Atlantis.See? Dork.

Anyway, there's a website called where you can buy tiny pieces of historic artifacts, and they are selling pieces of the Apollo 11 spacecraft for $69 (the Apollo 11 moon landing mission was in 1969...see what they did there?)! I know I don't need this, but I need it!

The pieces are barely larger than the head of a pin, but damn is that cool!


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