32 year old woman fitted with pacemaker because of energy drinks

I know this is one of those extremely rare cases, but it might help you kick your energy drink habit!

A 32 year old woman in the UK has been fitted with a pacemaker at only 32 years old, and doctors say it's because of her energy drink consumption.

No one drinks an energy drink because they think it's healthy, right?? You're drinking it because you need the caffeine boost. But you might want to rethink it next time to reach for one.

Samantha Sharpe was consuming 6 energy drinks a day on average. She'd feel tired, drink one, then start to crash, and then reach for another one. She said she rarely slept, and that's how she functioned until last year.

She went to the doctor for her blackouts and heart palpitations, and was diagnosed with a blockage in her heart, and she was given a pacemaker. She also suffered kidney stones and was allegedly warned about developing diabetes as a result of the amount of sugar she was consuming. While she said her doctors could not directly blame the energy drinks for her heart issues, she said she hasn’t had any issues since quitting the drinks.

“I don’t black out anymore and I can’t feel my heart messing up anymore,”she told LeicesterLive.com.“My heart used to skip beats.”

Again, I know this is one of those rare cases, but there's a ton of research pointing to energy drinks being terrible for your body, your mental health, and your sleep cycle. If you're drinking these things, do yourself a favor and make an effort to stop. Prioritize sleep (there's no substitute for sleep, y'all!) and take care of your body. it's the only one you've got!

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