Another Florida Man steals a car and pretends to be a cop

Oh, Florida. You've really cranked up the crazy this week, I see.

A man in Cocoa Beach was in a stolen car when he saw a police cruiser behind him. He hit the gas in an attempt to flee, and ended up crashing into a house (where a woman was sleeping, and the car came within a few feet of smashing into her. Thankfully, she's ok). The car thief took off on foot.

Here's where the story gets Florida (aka: crazy). As it turns out, the police cruiser was STOLEN, and the man driving it was pulling random people over and pretending to be a cop. The cruiser was stolen in Orange County, and when the police in Cocoa figured it out, THAT driver took off running.

The stolen cruiser has been recovered, but the police are still looking for both crooks. CRAZY. I'm just glad no one was hurt!



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