This calculator tells you how many healthy years you have left

Scientists at the University of Connecticut have created a calculator that will predict how many healthy years you have left. Now how long you'll live, but how long you'll be healthy.

You answer some basic questions about yourself--age, sex, education, whether or not you smoke, exercise...that kind of thing--and it spits out data.

For example, I'm a 36 year old female. I have never smoked, I eat pretty healthy, and I exercise 4-5 times a week, but I also drink (go ahead and judge!) and don't get enough sleep. It told me I'll be healthy until I'm 57. But then it said I'll live to be 93. Am I wrong for thinking that's not so great? I mean, who wants to kick around for 35 more years if they're falling apart?!

I tend not to put too much stock in this kind of thing, but it's still interesting.

HERE is the link... if you really want to know!


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