High school senior accepted into 115 colleges

Just when I was starting to feel smart... ;)

18-year-old Antoinette Love, a high school senior in New Orleans, will be going to college in the fall. She just not sure which one yet, because she wants to consider her options -- all 115 of them!

Love started applying to colleges last September and apparently never stopped applying. She ended up getting accepted into 115 different schools, and she is still waiting on 12 more. So far, she's been accepted to every school she's applied to!

Colleges seem to really want the honor student to attend their schools so they've sweetened the pot with a combined $3.8 million in scholarship money!

Love, who spends much of her free time helping her four younger siblings -- including her 15-year-old brother who has cystic fibrosis -- says she'll see which school offers her the most money before making her final decision. She plans to major in education.

Good things happen when you work hard! Congratulations, Antoinette!

[New Orleans Advocate]


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