Mom and Son graduate together!


This is a good reminder of all the times your mom put your needs ahead of her own . . .

A mom in Michigan named Sharonda Wilson has been trying to get her bachelor's degree at Ferris State University, and just graduated. Meanwhile, her son Stephan also just graduated from Central Michigan University, and both of their commencement ceremonies were this past Saturday at different locations.

Sharonda could only go to one...and she did what I think a lot of moms would do, and chose to attend her son's ceremony rather than her own.

Now here's the good part: Somehow, the president of CMU found out about it right before the ceremony, and he got on the phone with the president at Ferris State.

Then in the middle of Stephan's graduation, the president of CMU surprised them by presenting BOTH of them with their degrees, so they got to graduate together!

He gave Sharonda her own cap, awarded her degree on behalf of FSU, and asked her to please move her tassel to the left side of her cap.

CMU posted a video, and Stephan's reaction is the best part because of how excited he is for her. This is AWESOME. I hope you love it as much as I do! Congratulations to Sharonda and Stephan!


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