Florida Man tries to outsmart the cops by wearing a blonde wig

I am truly astonished that this criminal mastermind wasn't able to evade the police. *eyeroll*

There's a 36-year-old guy named Robert Walls from Cocoa, Florida. He was a fugitive, with a warrant out on several drug dealing charges.On Thursday, the cops got a tip he was at a particular address, so they surrounded the place.

That's when Robert tried to escape by . . . putting on a long blond wig and biking away.

Too bad it wasn't a good wig or an even remotely convincing disguise . . . the cops recognized him immediately and arrested him. 

I mean, how could they possibly have known that this was the man they were looking for? *BIGGER eyeroll*

[Orlando Sentinel]

Brevard County Sheriff's Office


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