Dude uses his dad as getaway driver after robbing bank...& dad doesn't know

I can't imagine doing this to a family member! How awful!

A man in Maine asked his father to drive him to the bank to get a check cashed, and the dad obliged. What the father didn't know was that his son actually robbed the bank while he was inside!

The son got back into the car and told his dad to drive away, so he did. A short while later, the father happened to pass by the bank again, and got stopped by a police officer because his car matched the description of a getaway vehicle from the earlier robbery. The father insisted he had no idea his son had committed the crime, and police aren't charging the father; they don't believe he had anything to do with the robbery.

The son was later arrested and charged with felony robbery.

That is going to make for one awkward Christmas dinner!



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