Are Protein Shakes Leading To Weight Gain And Bad Overall Health


I was thinking the same thing, “how can protein shakes be bad?” I’ll give you a couple quotes from the article that will really make you think.

Depression is one of the things they said is linked to protein shakes, really? “When BCAAs are high in the blood they may steal tryptophan's place in the brain, disrupting serotonin there. That can in turn mess with your mood.” That makes since right?

They also say weight gain even bad overall health could be caused by protein shakes, but it’s protein how could this be?

“Over-consumption of protein in any form is not really part of an idea diet. Over-consumption of protein powders, shakes and supplements may even be dangerous.”

That seems like common sense huh? Take 5 min and look through some of the other results that were found, it may make you want to get your protein from real food.


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