Taking Selfies Is As Bad For Your Skin As Tanning

Heres the scoop y’all.

According to a beauty expert in Wales named Sara Cheeney, taking selfies might be as bad for your skin as lying out in the sun or tanning beds to get TAN.

How does work?  When someone's taking a selfie, they don't usually settle for the first one . . . they usually take a bunch of pictures until one looks perfect. Um....sound like anyone you know?

When you have the phone pointed directly at your face like that is just pounding it with electromagnetic "blue light" rays from the screen.

Sara says, quote, "I get a lot of bloggers . . . who take selfies every day coming to me and complaining about the issue. The blue rays from smart phone screens can do more damage than too much sunshine, so . . . be extra careful." 


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