World Health Org recommendations for kids' screen time

These days a lot of parents will shove a smartphone or tablet in front of their kid to get them to calm down, especially in public, but according to experts, parents really should rethink exposing their kids to screens at such early ages.

New World Health Organization guidelines recommend absolutely no screen time, that’s phones, TVs or tablets, for any child under the age of two. And for those two to four, they note that screen time should be limited to just one hour a day, although “less is better.”

The organization insists that too much screen time can lead to poor health in children, including obesity, slower brain and physical development, and even poor mental health. They instead recommend kids spend their time reading, or being read too, and also suggest things like puzzles, drawing and singing, to aid in brain development.

I think most of us agree that sticking a kid in front of a TV or mobile device for long periods of time isn't the best...even if you do it, you probably admit that it's not great. But no screen time at all for the first two years?? Is that even realistic for most families??

[Daily Mail]



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