Pinellas County student gets perfect 1600 on SATs!


Jacob Harrison, a Pinellas County high school student, has just gotten a perfect score on his SAT test! Jacob says he studied for the SAT and took practice tests, but with his extracurricular activities, he wasn’t expecting a perfect score; he set a goal to score a 1550. He didn’t miss a single question on the long exam, which isn’t easy to do. Less than 1% of the 2.1-million students who took the SAT last year scored between 1,400 and 1,600, according to the College Board's most recent report.

Jacob says he isn't sure why there's so much fuss over his score and he's ready to move on. “There’s a lot of attention with getting 1,600,” he explains, “but you know, I’m just kind of moving on from it, and focusing on other things in my life.”

So he's intelligent, and humble enough not to brag about it. Nice! Congrats, Jacob!


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