Firefighter on vacation in St Pete saves a woman's life!

While on vacation from his job with the Bargersville Fire Department in Indiana, David Porter was in the right place at the right time – and actually saved a woman’s life.

David was at a hotel pool in St. Petersburg with his family when his daughter alerted him about a woman who was at the bottom of the pool.

Another guest was able to get the woman to dry land and David – along with another firefighter – conducted CPR until she was able to breathe again on her own.

Amazingly, it only took a day for the woman to rebound and go back to the resort and finish her vacation.

David, of course, didn’t mind having to “work” while on vacation. He was happy that he was able to make a difference and hopes his story inspires others to learn CPR because, as he just showed, you never know when it might come in handy.

What a fantastic end to a story that could have very easily taken a tragic turn. I think this should serve as a reminder: if you have never been instructed on how to perform CPR, please do so! You never know when it will be needed, and several organizations will certify you for free! CLICK HERE for more info on where to learn CPR.



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