TMSG: Teens talk woman out of suicide attempt

A youth volleyball team in Fresno, California, is being praised for saving the life of a woman who they saw dangling from a bridge.

The team of 7th and 8th grade boys was holding a practice when their coach, Elliott Murray, sent them out for a short run. As the boys were running across a bridge, they noticed a woman's legs hanging over the edge.

Some of the boys ran back to their coach and told him, "A lady is trying to jump off the bridge."

Coach Murray instructed them to return to the bridge and try to talk to the woman. 13-year-old Elijah Gomez told her, "Your life is worth it, no matter how much things are happening in life, you always gotta think about the positive, you gotta count your blessings,."

The boys talked to her for about 10 minutes until the woman appeared to change her mind and then pulled herself back up onto the bridge. 

Fresno's police chief called the boys "true heroes" and added, "Thank God they were at the right place at the right time."

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