Florida Man buys $8 million island, then shoplifts from KMart

Sometimes I just really can't understand people. Yes, this is a Florida Man story.

Andrew Lippi just dropped $8 MILLION on a private island off of Key West. The island came with a beautiful luxury home, and Lippi owns a second home in the Keys that was used as the set for MTV's "Real World" in 2006. Translation: this dude's got money.

The week after he closed on the purchase of the private island, Lippi was busted for stealing housewares from a nearby KMart store. Authorities say Lippi "purchased" small household items from KMart, and then returned the boxes with garbage stuffed inside. Um, hi. Where I come from, that's called stealing.

What, Mr Lippi, did you blow your whole budget on that fancy house and now you can't afford to buy forks or a toaster? Give me a break.

Lippi claims he didn't do the things he's been accused of...even though he was caught on surveillance camera. *face palm*

[FL Keys News]


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