PSA: PICK UP YOUR GARBAGE. Your mama don't work here!

Let's all give a big round of applause for Joshua Caraway from the University of West Georgia. Joshua flew down to Miami Beach for spring break, and when he got there, he was appalled by the amount of trash being left behind by beachgoers. So he took it upon himself to grab a bag and start collecting trash to throw away.

A police officer stopped him to say thank you. Then a local news station caught wind of Joshua's actions, and posted photos to social media, which have since gone viral.

I'd just like to publicly thank Joshua for taking it upon himself to do what so many people don't bother doing.

It breaks my heart and makes me SO ANGRY when I see people leave trash on a public beach (or anywhere, really). Who raised these lazy slugs? I just can't imagine any version of myself that would leave a pile of garbage behind for someone else to clean up. It's common courtesy to clean up after yourself...but apparently, "common courtesy" isn't so common anymore!

Let's hope this story inspires more people to do the right thing and throw their trash away rather than leave it behind. It is not difficult to throw garbage away!




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