Polk County man faked a robbery to get out of work...and got arrested

Sometimes you just don't want to go to work. For most of us, we just suck it up and go in anyway. Maybe sometimes you'll call in "sick" and play hookey. But not Florida Man! Florida Man takes his time off seriously!

A Polk County man didn't want to go to work on Tuesday, but rather than call out sick or get someone to cover his shift at the restaurant he worked at, he called 911 to report a fake robbery.

Brian Anderson told 911 dispatchers that two unknown subjects carrying a gun stole money, his necklace, and his phone from him. He went on to say that the suspects threw his phone on the ground and proceeded to jump into a black Crown Victoria and sped away.

But...none of that actually happened. When deputies arrived to investigate, they quickly discovered that there was no robbery, and that Anderson simply didn't want to show up for his 11am shift at Hardees. Anderson was arrested and charged with Misuse of 911 and Knowingly Giving False Information to Law Enforcement.

But hey, on the bright side, he didn't have to go to work!

[ABC Action News]


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