Port Richey needs your help!

If you've always dreamed of a life of public service--and have a clean background--you could be the next city council member of Port Richey! I'm being serious.

The City of Port Richey is opening the search for its new city council member to the public after the arrest of both the mayor and interim mayor last month on related charges.

So what's a city to do? Open up the position to the public, of course!

If you are a resident of Port Richey for 12 months or more, a registered voter, and have no felonies in your background, you could be it!

Attend a city council meeting tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30 at city hall, 6333 Ridge Road. Candidates will have three minutes to address the council and make their case for why they should be chosen. Then a special election to choose the city's next mayor will be held this summer. And hey, maybe you could run!

Info HERE! Good luck, candidates! May the odds be ever in your favor (and DON'T get arrested!).


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