World's Biggest Bounce House coming back to Tampa Bay!

The World's Biggest Bounce House is returning to Tampa Bay in April!

The Big Bounce America's 2019 tour is bringing the most action-packed experience of the year to Tampa from April 12th through 14th. Featuring the world's largest bounce house, this year’s event, taking place at Carrollwood Country Park, has amped up the thrills. The Big Bounce America introduces two brand new attractions: an incredible 900+ foot long obstacle course and a unique, space-themed wonderland. Both attractions will be bringing the family-friendly entertainment to all new heights!

It looks like you can go into a "family session" that allows young kids, or an "adult only session" that's kid-free. There are one-hour tickets and 3-hour tickets, with different packages ranging from $16-28, depending on what you're looking for. I can't wait to check this out!

Carrollwood Country Park

4680 W. VIllage Dr.

Tampa, FL 33624

Tickets and info:


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