Dude dares his mom to run him over with the car...so she does

Next time you think your family couldn't get any more messed up, remember this story.

A 37-year-old guy near Minneapolis who still lives with his parents got kicked out of the house on Monday, because he wouldn't stop drinking.

His mom arranged to have him stay with a friend instead, and planned to drive him there, but he wouldn't get in her car. Instead, he laid down in the driveway and dared her to run him over...and she actually DID it!

Her two-ton Ford Explorer crushed his pelvis, and he ended up needing surgery. He's currently listed in fair condition.

The mom is 58-year-old Cynthia Grund, and she's facing charges for second-degree assault and reckless driving. 

Well, to be fair, he DARED her to do it! Maybe he shouldn't have been lying down in the driveway! Honestly, she probably thought he'd stand up and get in the car as soon as he saw her backing up...but he didn't. *facepalm*




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