Burger King will give you a cup of coffee every day for just $5 a month

First off, this is NOT an ad. I am just the kind of girl who is always happy to save some money and thought I'd pass this along.

Burger King is offering a new subscription service that allows you to drink one small coffee every single day, for a fee of $5 a month.

How much do you typically spend at Starbucks (or your coffee shop of choice)? I used to be one of those people who went to Starbucks 5-6 days a week. I'd order an espresso drink and sometimes a little sandwich, and then couldn't understand why I was broke all the time. One day, my boyfriend (now my husband) said, "You know, you're spending over $200 a month on coffees, right?" And since then, I've been making my coffee at home, and keeping all that money in my pocket! No offense to Starbucks, but that was a lot of money that I needed to use for other things!

You can now sign up for the BK Cafe coffee subscription program. That allows you to get one small brewed coffee per day for $5 a month. BK's small coffees are $1 apiece, so if you go 6 times a month, you're saving money! If you get a coffee every Monday thru Friday, they come out to be 25 cents a cup. DEAL ALERT!

The program is available thru the BK app, is valid at all locations in the continental US, and has no end date (as of now). Drink up!

[The Take Out]


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