Tow To Go in effect for St Patrick's Day weekend!

It's St Patrick's Day weekend, which means Tow To Go is in effect!

Tow To Go is a partnership between AAA and Budweiser that's designed to prevent drunk driving. If you've had too much to drink, AAA will come get you and your car and bring you home safely.

With the cost of a DUI (with court costs, legal fees, etc) being around $10,000, FREE is a NO-BRAINER. Not to mention the possibility of ruining your life--or someone else's--by driving drunk. It's just not worth it. Call Tow To Go and avoid a tragedy. We want you to have fun, but be smart!

If you or a friend needs Tow To Go, here's the number: (855) 2 TOW 2 GO or (855) 586-9246

Of course, there's also Uber and Lyft, and good ol' fashioned cabs. Party safely, friends!

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