Florida Bill would require students to take personal finance class

Finally, a proposed law that makes some logical sense!

Some of the smartest students start their careers with a basic understanding of algebra or even calculus, but they have no idea how to manage personal finances, including topicsĀ like saving, investing and even how a basic loan works. Ask me how I know. I was an A student who was released into the world with NO CLUE how money worked in the real world. I mean, I knew you had to go to work to make money, but I had no idea how people made their money work for them, how to shop for a loan, how to avoid debt, and how soul-crushing my student loans would turn out to be. Seriously, WHY do we allow 18-year-olds to take out loans for college, when we KNOW it will take them 20 years to pay them off? It's a terrible policy.

Anyway, if Senate Bill 114 passes, high school students would be required to take a finance class to graduate. I am 100% behind this initiative. I hope it passes, and I hope that more young people are equipped with the information to make smart financial choices.

I've had a few people say, "But Sarah, that should be the parents' job." And yes, in an ideal world, the parents would teach their children personal finance. But plenty of parents never learned those skills themselves! So how can they teach their children? Maybe the students could come home and even teach their parents a few things!

If you're a parent, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!




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