"Bottle Bill" aims to encourage recycling

I actually don't hate this. Lots of states do it already. A newly-proposed "Bottle Bill" could add 20 to 30 cents in tax to products sold in glass, plastic, or aluminum cans, and then you'd get that money back if you bring the empty containers to a grocery store or recycling center.

Maybe you've noticed labels like this on bottles:

That is referring to the amount of money you get if you return the bottles to a recycling drop-off location. Lawmakers say they're trying to implement a similar system in Florida, hoping to encourage people to recycle more. As long as they actually pay what they say they're going to pay for the turn-in fee, I'm down for it. If there ends up being some complicated runaround to get the money, then no. Plenty of people recycle anyway, and that's great. Lots of other people don't bother to separate their recyclables, but maybe if they made the process easy (and incentivized it with money!), more would do it. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

[ABC Action News]


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