Southwest Airlines helped a bridesmaid get her dress on time!

Flying off to a tropical destination to be a bridesmaid in your sister’s wedding sounds like a dreamy way to spend a weekend, but it turned into a nightmare for Grayleigh Oppermann when she arrived in Costa Rica and realized she forgot her dress back in Texas. She was devastated by her mistake and in a panic, she reached out to her friends back home to see if they could ship the bridesmaid dress in time for the wedding.

FedEx broke the bad news that due to customs, the earliest they could deliver the dress was Monday, which was after the ceremony. A Facebook post to see if anyone happened to be heading to Costa Rica and could bring the dress along didn’t get them any closer, so Grayleigh’s friend Taylor Kenney reached out to Southwest Airlines on Twitter in desperation after seeing they had a flight going there the next morning.

Her tweet worked and Southwest soon replied, “Alright, let’s do it!” Southwest even a dress tracker, so she could follow its journey. It arrived safe and sound and Grayleigh was able to stand up for her sister wearing it. And the best part? Southwest didn’t charge them anything for the extra special delivery.

"They saved our entire trip," Grayleigh says. "I can't even begin to describe what they did for our family."

Three cheers for Southwest! That's freaking awesome!!



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