Good idea or bad idea: no speed limit

A politician in California has introduced a new bill that would create a highway with no speed limit. That’s right … An American Autobahn!

The bill proposed by Republican State Senator John Moorlach would add two lanes to two major highways -- Interstate 5 and Highway 99 -- and eliminate the speed limit to allow drivers to go as fast as they please.

This is in an effort to reduce traffic jams...California has been toying with the idea of a high-speed rail to alleviate traffic (sound familiar?), but that is expensive, and would take a long time to construct. Senator Moorlach believes eliminating speed limits in certain areas would be a cheap alternative, and allow drivers to move faster to their destinations.

Honestly, I've always thought speed limits on highways were kinda dumb... I mean, no one wants drivers to fly through residential neighborhoods at 80MPH, but on an interstate? Game on. Let's go. I've got places to be! And as long as people aren't driving recklessly/erratically, then is the speed really dangerous? I contend that it's not.

Although, if we did something like this in Florida, the opposite would happen. With all the out-of-towners, instead of going faster, everyone would probably slow down. You know it's true!

When I'm governor (vote for me!), I'd not only eliminate interstate speed limits, I'd create locals-only travel lanes, so that only permanent residents could drive in them. I've got no problem with people visiting my home state, but us locals have to get to work! lol!

Would you want a no speed limit highway here?


And as a reminder, it's illegal to drive slow in the left lane. If you do, you're impeding the flow of traffic and making everyone want to run you off the road, so don't do that.



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