Who uses a Lyft as a getaway car??

I LOVE stupid criminals. Any time I feel like my life is coming off the rails, or I made a boneheaded decision, I read a story like this and instantly feel better about myself!

28-year-old Nicholas Maziot broke into a house in New Jersey last Thursday and thought no one was home. Turns out, the residents were just asleep, and they woke up when they heard someone rummaging around. The burglar realized he was caught and bolted... he had to climb through an upstairs window and jump off the roof to get away.

Then Nicholas decided to order a Lyft to use as his getaway car (criminal mastermind, right here).

Instead of checking to see what kind of car his Lyft driver was in, he just jumped into the first car that pulled up . . . which turned out to be an unmarked police car. So he immediately got arrested.

He's facing multiple charges for burglary, criminal mischief, attempted theft, possession of burglary tools, and trespassing. 




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