Pasco County inmates save a baby trapped in a car!

I don't even know why people are always hating on Pasco County, but here's one for all the haters!

A group of criminals recently broke into a vehicle in New Port Richey, but this time police were thankful. A father accidentally locked his keys - and his one-year-old daughter - in his truck, but a group of inmates saved the day.

Five prisoners from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office were working on repairing medians outside a judicial center when they saw the dad start to panic as a crowd formed around his locked truck. A bystander gave the “low-risk offenders” a wire hanger and they started working on getting the door open.

It only took them about two minutes to pop the lock and get the baby out. Luckily the high was only 72-degrees that day (although, if it's 72 outside, it can get up to 104 in a car within 30 minutes in direct sunlight) and these guys know how to work a wire hanger.

GREAT NEWS!! Good work, Pasco!



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