Church pays off student loans for 34 people in 1 month!

I think churches often get a bad rap from people who "don't like organized religion," but lots of churches do stuff like this! And if it weren't for lots of people working together, it might never have happened!

A church in Alexandria, VA raised enough money in one month to pay off student loans for 34 college seniors!

Rev Howard-John Wesley had a $4 a day coffee habit, and decided to skip the drive-thru and do something better with the money he usually spent on coffee...and he challenged his congregation of 8000 members to do the same.

In one month, the Alfred Street Baptist Church raised enough money to pay off the student loans of 34 college seniors in the area! And it was all because people made small changes!

Instead of the $25,000 the church expected, Wesley says members gave $150,000 by the end of the month. Church officials decided to donate to students who had good GPAs and only had debt standing in their way to graduation.

What an amazing example of how you don't have to be rich to make an impact! Love this!

[Alfred Street]


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