Can you do 40 pushups without stopping?

Can you do 40 pushups without stopping? If you can, GREAT! If not, you need to work on it, and here's why.

I'll start by saying I can't do 40 pushups without please don't think I'm being judgmental here! I can do maybe 15 before I'd need a break. 20 if I'm lucky.

According to new research from Harvard, the ability to do pushups is one of the best indicators of overall health. If you are a male, you should be able to do 40 without stopping...and if you can't, you are 93% more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke. 96%?!? HOLY COW.

The researchers say the test works because your ability to do push-ups is the best overall, quote, "marker of general physical fitness" . . . especially for men over 40.



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