This "smart refrigerator" matches you with dates who like the same foods

I know this makes me sound pretty old-school, but BACK IN MY DAY, the refrigerator just kept my food cold. None of this fancy wifi-enabled stuff...and I'm happy to say my refrigerator is JUST a REFRIGERATOR. But, smart refrigerators are becoming more and more popular. They have screens in the door, and they're able to let you know when you're running low on something so you can restock accordingly.

Now your refrigerator can even find you a date! "Refriger-dating" can pair you up with singles who are into the same foods as you are! It does this by looking into your fridge with a camera, and then posting your likes and dislikes to a refriger-dating profile. You like Nutella? It'll find you a Nutella-loving date. Hate mayonnaise? Your potential partner will hate that junk, too!

Would you do this? I personally don't see myself spending that kind of coin on a kitchen appliance, but you do you!

[ ABC7NY ]



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