Dad That Was Fat Shamed Over "Dad Bod" Loses 135 lbs. And Is Ripped

Say hello to Neil James, 36, from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On January 1st 2017, he started to reverse the toll years of sedentary life had on him by exercising for 15 minutes, eventually working up to two hours.

He achieved his goal to hit a certain weight within a year, after cutting sugar and reducing his carb intake by following the keto diet.

Now a muscular 198, Neil feels more confident and says he is grateful to have had his ‘dad bod’ shamed.

Now he incorporates intermittent fasting too – where he eats his entire day’s worth of calories within one massive meal – consuming gigantic steaks and mouth-watering ribs but eating nothing else for the rest of the day.

Since then his body fat has fallen to a low 15.2 per cent revealing chiselled abs and a shredded physique, which he achieved through the diet and from thousands of hours exercising.


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