FaceTime bug lets you secretly listen to other people's conversations!

If you're an iPhone user, you'll want to see this!

I personally don't like FaceTime, or any other apps that let you video call. I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to put on makeup and pants to talk on the phone. No thanks.

But if you're a FaceTimer, you should know there's a bug that allows you to secretly listen to other people's conversations without their knowing.

I start by saying this: in Florida, it's illegal to record a phone call without consent from all parties, so don't get arrested.

Anyway, Apple confirmed the bug and they’re working around the clock to fix it. They expect a software update sometime before Friday.

The  trick to spying  on your iPhone friends is to make a FaceTime video call. While it's still ringing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click “Add Person.” Select your own phone number.

You will be able to hear the microphone on the device of the person you called. Whether they take your FaceTime call or not.

[ Variety ]



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