Rare Marijuana Reaction That You Didn’t Know Existed

Sure, most people take a hit eat some Doritos and everything els in the house and go to sleep. 

Then there’s this crazy story!  Meet Desiree Haight, 46, from Calgary, Canada, she was plagued by constant nausea and vomiting last year.  Which is crazy because cause weed helps a lot of people with nausea, right? 

She was hospitalized in November 2018 after she vomited 30 times in one day

Doctors diagnosed her with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, characterized by severe bouts of vomiting in chronic marijuana users. 

CHS is believed to be caused by THC in weed altering receptors in the gut that control many physiological processes.  Side note, do yourself a favor and do some research on gut health and your gut microbiome.  It can cause all sorts of issues including depression and anxiety.  

Anyway, if you smoke, dab, or eat edibles on a daily basis (beacause you have your card off course) I thought you’d like to know that CHS is a possibility. 

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