Baby falls out of moving car!

This is unbelievable!! I'll start by saying, the baby is ok! 

Dashcam video captured a baby in a carseat falling out of a moving vehicle as the driver sped away. Authorities say the child was strapped into the seat, but the seat wasn't properly strapped to the car. 

You can see the left rear door of the car pop open and the baby falls out. The driver in the vehicle behind the baby stopped and ran to help as the other driver (parent?) just kept on driving.

I have so many questions. First of all, I thought it was common knowledge that a car seat has to be anchored to the car, no? I'm not a parent, and *I* know this, so I assumed that parents would know as well. Second, how did the driver not notice that their car door opened?! Didn't they hear it? See it in their mirror? FEEL IT when the wind and cold air (it's Minnesota) came into the car? 

Thank God some good people saw what happened and stopped to help. Wow. 

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