97-year-old Tampa woman is a powerlifter!


Edith Traina is a 97-year-old Tampa woman who is turning back the clock in the gym! 

Edith is a member of CrossFit Jaguar, and is able to lift 100 pounds or more, and she does it multiple times a week. Edith is living proof that it's never too late to take control of your health! She says she's in much better shape at 97 than she was many years earlier. What's even more amazing is that she only started weightlifting 6 years ago! She even started participating in powerlifting competitions in her 90s!

“I was breathing better. I needed less accommodations,” says Edith about her health after she started hitting the heavy weights at age 91. "You find that as the days go on, you can accomplish a little bit more and a little bit more."

Edith is joined at the gym by women in their 70s and 80s. They say powerlifting and pumping iron is not just good for their physical health but their mental health as well.

In case you were wondering, weightlifting helps you maintain muscle mass and bone density (which is important for everyone, but ESPECIALLY women as we age), improves balance and overall strength, as well as heart and lung function. It is one of the best ways to keep yourself looking and feeling younger!

Way to go, Edith! 

[ABC Action News]

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