If you've got $100 and a big appetite, you need this!

Olive Garden
Olive Garden

Got $100 and a big appetite? Have I got a deal for you!

Olive Garden is bringing back their never-ending Pasta Pass! For $100, you can eat an unlimited amount of pasta at any Olive Garden location for 8 weeks. The Passes are limited to 23,000 total, and will definitely sell out. 

But this year, they've added something new! For $300, you can get an ANNUAL Pasta Pass, which gives you unlimited pasta privileges for a FULL YEAR! Only 1,000 of those will be sold, and I'm sure they'll sell out quickly!

If you want to try to get your hands on one, they both go on sale tomorrow at 2pm EST, and the link can be found HERE

[Olive Garden]


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