Florida officers rescue kittens trapped in a bumper

Some unexpected passengers were found hitching a ride in a detective’s car in Ocoee, Florida. A pair of kittens were rescued from the engine and bumper of the car, according to a post on the Ocoee Police Department’s Facebook page.

“What did Detective Grogan hear in her vehicle’s engine this morning?” the post reads. “These adorable kittens were recovered safely from car by our city personnel.

The department took the opportunity to remind people to spay and neuter their pets. And once these little fur babies are old enough, they’ll be available for adoption through Orange County Animal Services.

Kudos to these detectives for taking the time to help these little guys! I'm the proud mama of a kitty I found outside, and I know she's grateful to be living in the AC, free of bugs, and the recipient of a consistent supply of yummy food and treats. <3  

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