Brawl Breaks out at Ft Lauderdale Airport

From NBC Miami:

Sheriff's deputies responded to the Spirit Airlines terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after skirmishes involving irate passengers broke out following the cancellation of multiple flights. 

Thousands of passengers were stranded at the airport because of a dispute between the airline and its pilots, who say they are working without a contract.

Cellphone video posted online shows passengers crowding the carrier's check-in counters, and Broward County Sheriff's deputies trying to break up fights and tackling unruly passengers. 

Sheriff's deputies arrested three people and charged them with disorderly conduct. it annoying that multiple flights were cancelled? Yes. Is it extra annoying that the cancellations were because of employee disputes rather than bad weather or mechanical failure? YES. But does that make it ok to act like hooligans in the airport?!? NO!

I can't believe this. I just really can't. I cannot imagine any scenario that could cause me to act like this. It's just baffling. 

I hope everyone is ok!



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