How often do you shower?

Even though most people shower once a day (some people even shower twice a day), our bodies are actually designed to be washed just once or twice each week.

Researchers admit that this is unusual and understand that people shower each day mostly for “aesthetic reasons.”

But, they have also found that the more you bathe, the weaker your skin gets, which leaves you at a higher risk of an infection.

If you want to maximize your good health, shower once or twice a week, use very little soap, and wash your hands regularly.

Sorry, scientists. You're losing this round. I'm pretty grossed out by the idea of getting into bed dirty. I work out almost every day, and I don't want my sweaty stink on my sheets. Plus, people who work physical jobs where they're dirty at the end of the day SHOULD take showers. I used to wait tables. Ain't no way am I getting into bed with 9 different kinds of sauce and a couple mystery stains on my body. Nope. Bring on the showers. 



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