Truck Driver Finds Stray Kitten, Falls Instantly in Love

A guy named Matt saw something in the middle of a road and realized it was a tiny helpless kitty. “I found this little lady in the middle of a busy street so I stopped to pick her up,” wrote the man. “She was crawling in the street in an area only surrounded by woods so she was either born there and the mother didn’t get to transfer the whole litter or someone just dumped her.”

“Took her to the vet the next day to get rid of all of the fleas and as soon as I did, she instantly fell asleep in the truck. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up when I got home so I just sat there quietly with the radio off for about an hour until she woke up.”

Matt, are you single? Because I know some ladies who would love to meet a kind soul like you!

I mean, who hasn't been here before?

As it turns out, Matt wasn't able to keep the kitty, but he made sure the little fella went to a good home (where he's now BFFs with another rescue cat!)

[Bored Panda]


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