You And Your Dog Have An Unhealthy Relationship

So my husband posted this to my Facebook feed yesterday with the words "Ummmm...."  and as I was reading the signs - I'm checking them off.  yep, I do that, yep, I do that, yep, I do that.

I'm the best dog mom out there...  Louie and Fletch are lucky.    I am sure you are the same way with your dogs.  So if you are like me and can relate and probably do all of these things....good for you.  There needs to be more of us out there.

I can't stand to hear anymore stories of people hurting animals and mistreating them.  

I don't consider this unhealthy... shame on the guy who wrote the article.

And yes.... that's Louie in the back and Fletch in the front... (my spoiled boys)

1. You’ve willingly said no to plans because of your dog.

2. You show off their pictures like they’re a child.

3. You worry about them like crazy when you’re out of town.

4. You swear they have opinions.

5. Your dog goes to the spa more than you do.

6. You’ve kicked people out of bed for them. Literally.

7. But if they pay attention to someone more than you, you get some serious jealousy going on.

8. You’re on a first name basis with the vet because you freak out.

9. You would never consider calling them “our dog” ..its "your dog'

10. You have more meaningful conversations with your dog than anyone.

11. You refuse to apologize for their bad behavior.

12. You would bring them everywhere if you could.

13. It’s the OTHER dog that has the problem, not your’s.

14. You genuinely consider them your best friend.



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