Cuban Sandwich Festival This Weekend

I was born and raised in Tampa Bay, and my paternal grandparents (who are Cuban and Sicilian, by the way) MET in Ybor city in the 40s. I take Cuban sandwiches VERY seriously. Do NOT come to me with a cold ham sandwich on a hoagie roll with lettuce and tomato and call it a Cuban. I WILL fight you. It's honestly the fastest way to start a heated argument with me!

I am SO excited for the 6th Annual International Cuban Sandwich Festival this weekend in Ybor City!

Over 50 competitors from all over the world (?!?) are participating in this year's festival! Last year, the competition was won by a Korean chef...and as confusing as that is to me, it's really cool to see that this is truly an international competition, and that a true Tampa original has become known all over the globe (sorry, Miami. I don't care what you say. Tampa invented the Cuban sandwich. Move along.)

Get all the info on this year's event HERE.


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