"Most Likely To" with Tim & Faith

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill did an interview yesterday where they played a fun game of "Most Likely To."  See if you can guess the answers . . .


1.  Who's most likely to wake up first? 

Answer:  Faith.


2.  Most likely to control the TV remote? 

Answer:  Tim.  He likes to watch reality shows where they're in the garage, rebuilding cars and stuff.  Faith's more of an "Alaskan Bush People" type.  And the last thing they binge-watched was "The Crown".


3.  Most likely to fall asleep in the middle of the movie? 

Answer:  They both do.


4.  Most likely to plan a vacation? 

Answer:  Faith.  But Tim's all about the 'surprise' vacation.


5.  Most likely to cook?  

Answer:  Neither . . . because they BOTH cook.  Faith's specialty is fried chicken, cornbread, peas, and cherry pie.  Tim says his specialty is chicken and dumplings, but Faith says it's spaghetti and meatballs.


6.  Most likely to wear the pants in the relationship?  

Answer:  Faith:  "He thinks I do."  Tim:  "I have a kilt."

(It's kind of a delicate question for any couple, so this is probably my favorite answer.)


7.  Most likely to be a disciplinarian with the kids? 

Answer:  Faith.  Because Tim is easier to manipulate.


8.  Most likely to be organized?  

Answer:  Neither . . . but Faith USED to be.


9.  Most likely to be romantic? 

Answer:  Tim, because he comes up with great surprises.  Faith's too Type A . . . and O.C.D. 


10.  And finally . . . who's the better driver? 

Answer:  They BOTH said THEY were.  At the same time.


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