WWII Vet Flies in a B-17 Bomber on 97th Birthday!

Back in 1941, Eugene Leonard survived the Pearl Harbor attack and then bravely served his country in World War II.

He then spent the next 76 years as a renowned mechanic, fixing airplanes for the military.

Well, it seems that Eugene has no plans to slow down, because he just spent his 99th birthday flying around in a B-17 Bomber from the World War II era.

Eugene says his time in the military “seems like yesterday in a way” and those who worked with him believe he saved dozens of lives because of his maintenance expertise.

And while he spent thousands of hours flying in different airplanes, this was the first time he’d ever been up in a B-17 Bomber. 

God bless you on your birthday and EVERY day, Mr. Leonard! Sadly, we don't have many of our WWII servicemen left here on Earth. I love reading stories from these brave men, and I hope their stories continue to be told! 



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