WOULD YOU?: Floating Hotel Pod

Shaped like a sphere, these sci-fi looking pods float across the ocean to a specified desert island programmed into its mapping system.

Guests enjoy a night bobbing across the waves, before waking up on a blissful sandy shore.

The floating Mizukami Hotel has been designed by Japanese company Huis Ten Bosch and has massively divided opinion when it comes to hopping inside and setting off.

Sleeping up to four, each room comes with double beds, toilets, showers and a perfect view of the star-spangled sky.

A night in the floating room will run about $315, plus the cost of the island resort. 

You set off in the pod, and when you wake up the next morning, you're on the island. There's no captain; the pod's internal computer guides passengers to the island using a navigation system. 

Would you ever stay in something like this? Do you trust it not to get you lost??


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