WANT: Wine-infused coffee

My two favorite beverages are coffee and wine. No joke.

The brilliant minds at Molinari Private Reserve roasted coffee beans with wine and created a wine-infused blend that’s supposed to smell like wine but tastes like coffee with a bit of blueberry. And according to their website, the more milk you add to it, the more this brew tastes like wine:

      MPR can be enjoyed many ways, it makes a great espresso. Adding milk will change the format and     bring the wine taste out first, then the balance of coffee second. 

I'm not so sure about adding milk or cream to something that tastes or smells like wine... might make for a strange combo. But The coffee itself sounds delicious! It's $20 for a half pound bag (definitely pricey!), and is currently sold out on their website. Looks like I'll have to wait to try it!


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