Orlando Officers Make Breakfast for Elderly Resident

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest differences in people’s lives. When Orlando police Officer Rich Cruz and recruit Officer Gus Goncalves recently went to an elderly woman’s home for a well-being check, they ended up staying and cooking her breakfast.

The officers were responding to a call that this senior citizen hadn’t eaten in awhile. But when they came inside, her home was very clean and her pantry was full of food. So they made her some eggs, to make sure she got a good meal. They even did the dishes when she was finished eating!

But the best part is that they hung out and spent a few minutes with the woman, just talking to her and keeping her company. As the Orlando Police department writes on their Facebook page, “This is the kind of work our officers do every day that often goes unnoticed.” But it’s definitely not unappreciated!


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