Meet Esther The Wonderpig!

When the Jenkins family of Campbellville, Canada, adopted their pet pig – named Esther the Wonder Pig – they thought they were getting a micro pig, also known as a teacup pig. Esther was teeny and adorable, and they were told she would stay small. 

Turns out, she didn't stay small. 

Esther isn't a "micro pig" at all...she now weighs 650 pounds! And what's more, she lives IN the Jenkins' home!

But the Jenkins family decided to keep her and care for her. She's now a healthy (and very large) adult pig who has even amassed a rather large following on social media

Thanks to Esther’s big personality and a crowdfunding campaign in 2014, the Jenkinses now lives on a 50-acre farm outside of Toronto with more than 40 animals. They call it the “Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.”

FYI: The term "micro pig" applies to any pig weighing under 150 lbs as an adult. They are tiny when they're babies, but often grow up to be larger than most families expect. And more often than not, sellers will let you believe that a piglet is a micro pig, when in fact they're just babies...who will eventually grow to be the size of Esther. Despite their large size, pigs are very intelligent animals who are trainable. Just be sure to do lots of research before getting a pig as a pet! 



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